All these links are to pages that have some of the games mentioned in this page or have material relating to secret Sonic games, levels and other stuff. Email Me! if you want to add a link.

Secret Sonic Stuff
Sonic - The Conspiracy Best Secret Sonic Site Ever!
A great site with tons of info on lost Sonic 1 and Sonic 2 levels. I have a feeling that the author is a Sonic Genius. Well,
you see, his name is Michael Stearns
and most of my pictures are "borrowed" from his page, so I will soon be giving him some pics of mine. Email him and ask him to update his page.
Tom's Sonic and NiGHTS Page

Yep, I've finally put the link up for this cool page (though not as cool as the page above). It has information on Hidden Palace Zone, how to access it in Kgen and Genecyst (emulators), a cool way to mix the graphics between levels and also tons of Sonic pictures (though not all of them are secret ones).
Hidden Palace Information

As much Hidden Palace info as my page...(well, not that much).
Sonic Emulation
Sonic the Hedgehog in the Emulation World Best Sonic-Emu Site!
This Page has a collection of almost every Sonic game. It is also the official homepage of Sonic Crackers.
Mario Rom Hacks

Go to Rom Hacks page two, you will find a game called Somari, which is Mario in Sonic Land. See the screenshots on the left.
Download Sonic the Hedgehog SNES ROM
Best Sonic Download!
This ZIP file contains the Super Nintendo ROM for a SNES version of "Sonic the Hedgehog". The game is quite fun and don't worry, it isn't illegal because the game is freeware. The game requires a Super Nintendo emulator.
Download Sonic X-treme Video
Quite a nice video of Sonic X-treme in action. A bit of a shame there's no sound. Also a shame that it's only 26 seconds.
Other Sonic Stuff
Shin Sonic Super
Best of all the other Sonic pages!
This site has many Sonic Anime episodes to download.
Sonic 2000

This is the official homepage of the fan game featured in the "Sonic Hoaxes" section.
Sonic Pandemonium!

A nice page. The source of much Sonic Controversy.
Interesting Page
French Sonic Otaku

"They take our life. They could never take our pride"
Shax the Raptor

Nice to see some original Sonic Pages around the 'net.