Page Created 6th of October 1998

Today is a bittersweet day for sonic fans world wide. For today an old site is reborn but not of its original creator... For today as the torch is passed to a new generation We say farewell to Andre Dirk... Andre, Secrets of Sonic was a great site while you were running it and you deserve a lot of respect for the work you did. Thanks for everything and farewell, good luck to you in everything you pursue You will be missed but never be forgotten.... - 18th of February 2000

Last Updated 20th of April 2001

OK everyone .. here's the scoop.. most of you are sending in hoaxes or other stuff that I simply cannot use so therefore I have decided to eliminate the not so secretive stuff including the theories, hoaxes, chat room, music and others. the level maps will be moving to the level map archives soon so they'll still be in tact for anyone who wants them. for the rest of the stuff.. grab it while you can because as of Nov 30 I will be taking it down. please do not E-mail me begging me to keep it up as I will not respond. I am telling you all now so that you have plenty of time to grab what you want. and yes.. there will be updates made as well as the subtractions so you wont have to worry about getting a raw deal

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