I have quite a few pictures of lost levels from the first Sonic game on Mega Drive, but all of them are just alternate versions of the final levels. If you have anything to add then Email Me!




Green Hill Zone

These pictures are similar to the final Green Hill Zone except that Sonic and the backgrounds look different and the stage is set at night.

Marble Zone

Starlight Zone

This is Marble Zone alright but just what are those circular objects in the background (UFOs?) and isn't that enemy on the right from Spring Yard Zone?

This picture of an early version of Starlight Zone looks correct, but the part of the level that it shows does not exist in the final game.

Clockwork Zone (Clock Ork Zone?)

It's obvious that this is an early version of Scrap Brain Zone (but with a name change), but Act One had a different background and the conveyor belts were never that steep.

Sonic 1 Levels with slight differences.