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Sonic R Beta


More beta screenshots, this time in the form of Sonic R for Sega Saturn. Rlan searched long and hard to bring us these pictures and as you can see, they were well worth the effort. Of course these screenshots are not from the final version, because the pictures of the characters on the left look completely different and on the bottom picture Resort Island is set at night! I'm sorry that one of the pictures is a bit blocky, but I had to resize it so that it was a reasonable size for viewing.

More Sonic R beta pictures taken from Gamepro magazine. These were sent to me by Jennifer and since I own this issue, I can safely say that the Enemy Zero screenshot in the preview is a misprint! Also, note that they mention there is only three tracks!

Jennifer sent me two ZIP files, though one of them was an invalid archive. I'm not exactly sure what was in the ZIP, but she mentioned Gamepro in the E-mail. This reminded me that there was an advertisement for Sonic R in that same issue. So I checked it out and it was worth the hassle! The screenshot of Radical City also seems to be set at night (or lights are on or something!). The description of the game is also quite laughable. Relay mode? I don't think so!