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Sonic 2 seems to have the majority of lost levels. It seems the creators made the game too large so they removed some levels. 

Hidden Palace Zone

I've played Hidden Palace Zone (though Act Two doesn't work that well) at my friend's house and on Kgen so I know these pictures are genuine. I have more pictures of this zone on the other Sonic 2 pages ahead.

More Hidden Palace

Another picture of Hidden Palace, though this one looks more like the one I played especially the waterfalls in the background and the bridge.
This little picture is from the Sonic 3 level select screen. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that it relates to Hidden Palace Zone because of the style of the rocks. Interestingly, all the pictures from the Sonic 3 level select were taken from Sonic 2.

Casino Night Zone


As you can see from the screenshots, the colors are not the same as the final Casino Night Zone. The version my friend has (I just love his Sonic 2 cart!) starts off with a collection of ramps separated by pits making it very hard to get through. His version is almost identical to these screenshots.

Wood Zone and Genocide City

If you have a copy of Sonic 2 that only has four zones (starting with Neo Green Hill Zone), then try the Sonic 1 level select (or just press A and Start simultaneously). My friend tried it on his foreign Sonic 2 and it gave him access to many secret zones including Hidden Palace, Dust Hill, Wood Zone and Genocide City! Genocide City is a load of old cobblers. You just fall and fall until you reach the bottom and die! Wood Zone on the other hand actually works! It has great graphics, no enemies and but only one act works. The problem is that you get stuffed by a large pit preventing any further progression. A shame, really! I have pics of these zones on my site!!!!!!! So do many other people.


This music is the same as sound test #10, but it is not the same music as the Hidden Palace in beta Sonic 2. That is Sound Test #3.

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