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This is the section where you can read ‘Secret Sonic Theories’ sent to me by other Sonic Fans. To add one, just send me your theories (spell-checked) and I'll add it to this page.  

"Listen, I have a theory, however disturbing it is."
Sailor Moon - Creator of the 'lost' theory.

Not a Theory 32X FAQ  This file which i just happened to find in my archives talks about what the 32X is and the idea behind the so called 32X/Genesis unit code named mars.. definitely good for reading.

Theory 001
Dust Hill Zone Alpha
Is Dust Hill Zone from Alpha or Beta Sonic 2? You will be shocked....

Theory 002
CD Secrets - And Longer Levels
Amazing discoveries about the missing "icons" in Sonic CD and more!

Theory 003
The Secrets Changes of Sonic Crackers
If you've ever wanted to know why there are different versions of the same level in Sonic Crackers, this theory will completely change your life!

Theory 004
Beta Theory Pack
It’s interesting to read about what people thought about the Sonic 2 Beta before they had played it. This is one example.

Theory 005
Beta Backlash
A disturbing look at the effect of "theory disagreement".

Theory 006
Is Dust Real?
The author of this theory show us the reasons why the desert Dust Hill Zone may or may not be fake. Take a deep breath before reading..

Theory 007
Visions of Vector
An incredible collection of theories. It will suck you in and keep you glued to the screen until the end... Beware!

Theory 008
Dust Hill CD
Another Dust Hill Zone theory. But this time, the author tells us why the the zone may have been in Sonic CD Beta.

Theory 009
Sonic 2 Versions
This epic collection of well-researched theories relating to the different versions of Sonic 2 is over 4,000 words long!
Note: Microsoft Word Document

Theory 010
Disturbing Palace Redundant!
The points mentioned in this theory are expanded no end in 'Palace Separations' making this text file redundant.

Theory 011 Pyramid Beta
Some excellent Sonic 2 Beta theories. It would be great if he could scan those EGM Dust Hill Zone pictures..Pyramid Boss!

Theory 012
Emulation Bulb
The name says it all! Truly an excellent theory on why the "Sonic Two and Knuckles" rom does not currently work on any emulators.

Theory 013
Beta Badniks
Time-travel in Sonic 2!? Repetitve badniks!? And created by someone who has many E-mail addresses!? WOW!

Theory 014 Palace Separations
So, was Hidden Palace separated into many parts? Find out here! By
Jarred Man.
Microsoft Word Document

*Theory 015 Theory Bash - Updated 2nd of August 1999
An interesting collection of theories all wrapped into a single text file. Some of it is fact, though, so be careful and use your own discretion. This theory has been updated to include information on how to get the Hidden Palace Zone level icon in Sonic 2! And it has been updated yet again to include so much information, it'll make your head explode!

Theory 016 Disturbing Palace CD Remix Disturbing!
The link to this theory has been removed until further notice.
Death Toll: 18 [not including accidental deaths]

Theory 017 Dust Hill Music
An interesting theory, backed by personal opinion. It's ingenius in its simplicity, though whether you agree with it heavily depends on how you interpret music. A great theory, indeed.

Theory 018 Old Knuckles
Knuckles may be older than you thought. Read this theory to learn more.

Theory 019 Mystery of the Missing Levels
The mysteries behind almost all the missing Sonic levels solved in a single text file!

Theory 020 Two Player Trouble
Do you think about the Two-Player Versus Zones in Sonic 3 every day? If so, then you're a very sad person. Anyway, this theory talks about those zones - and it is far from sad.

Theory 021 Construction of the Parking Spring
The secrets of Parking Zone, Construction Zone and much, much more! There's even a bit of Hidden Palace Zone music thrown in for good measure.

Theory 022 Wrongly Dubbed
Supposedly short, but disturbingly long.

Theory 023 Sonic and Knuckles Blast
Imagine they made a version of Sonic and Knuckles for the Game Gear. Wait a minute, isn't that Sonic Blast?

Theory 024 Zac Plus
Zac goes mad and explains to us all the truth behind the Secret-Sonic information on the 'Sonic +' page.

Theory 025 Extreme Explanations
Kat puts forward her views about the secret levels in Sonic 2. This makes for an incredible read.

Theory 026 Cracking Chaotix
Theories regarding the strange relationship between Sonic Crackers and Knuckles' Chaotix.

Theory 027 Lava of the Hidden Reef
Is Hidden Palace Zone in Sonic and Knuckles really just Lava Reef Zone Act 4 or is it something much more sinister?.

Theory 028 Hidden Master Knuckles
Two Hidden Palace Zone theories, a Knuckles in Sonic 1 theory and a time travel theory! Goodness, that's a lot of theories!

Theory 029 Wet Patch
Incredible theories which include proof that Dust Hill Zone may have been the first zone in Sonic 2 instead of Emerald Hill Zone!

Theory 030 Individual Needs
Interesting information about Sonic 1

Theory 031 Mighty Crack
Is Sonic the Hedgehog a mighty cracker? Erm... no, but he is something else! Find out here.

Theory 032 Class Review
It's all been said and done, but you can handle a bit of review, right?. This document here is also not a theory, but it is still packed with interesting information.

Theory 033 Tiberious Trouble
Another realis

Theory 034 Including Tails
Two theories are included with this text file. The first one explains the impassable gaps in Hidden Palace Zone. The second one is just bizarre!

Theory 035 Second Undefined
Madness, pure madness!

Theory 036 Beta One
A huge amount of theories concerning the Sonic 1 special stages!

Theory 037 Flying Fortress
Wing Fortress is Flying Battery! I didn't believe it could be possible, but this exciting new theory has the evidence!

Theory 038 Tails Two
Hidden Palace in Sonic 2 designed for Tails only!? Find out here.

Theory 039 Charmy Palace
If that bit in Sonic 2's Hidden Palace where Sonic can't climb up is bothering you, then this incredible theory will blow you away! Genius, pure genius!

Theory 040 Tech
Incredible theory. No description needed.

Theory 041 One or Two?
Is the controversial Sonic 2 Dust Hill Zone screenshot really from Sonic 2? Or is it something much more sinister.....[?]

Theory 042 Gnarly Knuckles
Knuckles the Echidna [Sonic 3 & Knuckles]! Might not really be a theory...

Theory 043 Rival Bash -Updated
I'm always getting E-Mails from people wanting more of Theory Bash. This isn't it, but it's extremely close. Prepare yourselves for....... Rival Bash!

*Theory 044 Hidden Boerdom
This theory discusses the real reason Hidden Palace was removed from Sonic 2.. although i personally don't like it its certainly feasible.

Theory 045 EmuViews [Sonic Edition]
An idea on why Sonic 2 didn't make it into the S&K Collection

Theory 046 Spoiling Knuckles
yet another Hidden Palace Theory

Theory 047 Sonic & Knuckles: Pirate
an interesting idea about Dust Hill similar to theory 41 DHZ meant for Sonic 4? Pirate Covers? quite strange indeed.

Theory 048 Second-Hand
Interesting ideas on why Knuckles wasn't able to be in Sonic 1

Theory 049 A few theories for the Theory Bin - 7 or so interesting theories ranging from S2beta to Sonic crackers defintly worth checking out.

Theory 050 - Time Travel - Sonic 2 and time travel? a good reason why that may have been planned and why there were so many missing zones in s2 final.

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