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Dreamcast Secrets

Case 01: Dragon Madness

Sonic Adventure is renowned for its amazing graphics, but that's not what I want to discuss at the moment. Lucas has come forward with his amazing secrets about the game! Here is the story in his own words - complete and unabridged!

"Sonic Adventure secrets?!? can it be? Does another Sonic game have lost levels? well, sort of. At the Sonic Adventure conference last year pamphlets were passed out advertising it. The pamphlet was scanned and put on the internet at <>. I downloaded it and took a look at it months later when I imported Sonic Adventure. I found these strange pics of some sort of dragon monster thing attacking Tails' bi-plane with the Egg Carrier (Robotniks ship which is in the game) in the background. I have beaten Sonic Adventure over and over again but haven't been able to find this happening anywhere (it should be in Sky chase part 1). I know Sonic Team was rushed (again) into getting this game out and so I'm not surprised this and a few other things like sound effects have been left out (or taken out) of the game but these pics are driving me really crazy so here they are. Look in the attachments"

Here are the attachments:

But whats this? Joe & Linette Baptista have their own idea of what it  might be:

From this screenshot I have pointed out some of the important objects that may explain this mystery. As you can see on the Metal Dragon there is an emerald container on the middle part of the dragon (which looks exactly like the one Sonic & Tails used for the Tornado 1 & 2). The dragon is also facing away from the egg carrier, which is behind the creature. The dragon doesn’t appear to be a boss but some sort of hang glider that may have connected to the Tornado(s) to maybe make them stronger or smoother capacity when in action. If Robotnik ever got a hold of any of the emeralds he would have used them for "Chaos" in the SA storyline. Though the creature does look very sinister looking it may have been scraped for the purpose and maybe found no other use for it later on.

although there is no way to tell which version is right one thing is for sure. whatever it's purpose that dragon looked incredible.. its just a shame sonic team had to remove it. ^_^ 

Case 02: Big is Fat

Lucas suprises us again with more Sonic Adventure secrets/madness! Here's what he had to say.

"While i was watching some SA videos I noticed some pics of Big the Cat that are nowhere in the game! One shows Big in a place I have no idea about, some kind of beach with an ocean. This one is from the SA video Sega put up on their site during the Tokyo Game Show. The other two are of Big in the level Windy Valley which he can't play. I don't have any idea where in the level he might be though! I found these in a SA video by Lunar-Net I think captured from the SA conference broadcasted on the internet last year. Look in the attachments for the pics."

Here are the attachments:

Case 03: Windy Hill

Lucas E-mailed again with even more Sonic Adventure secrets/madness! Phew!

"I have found even more SA lost pics! The first has Tails in some level that looks a lot like Windy Valley , but it has the look of the first part of Windy Valley, not the racing part that Tails plays. The next pic shows Tails' plane landed perfectly on the Egg Carrier when it is supposed to have crashed into it and should be in a kind of jet mode. The next pic (bad quality) which is from a movie from Seganet, shows what I assume is the cyclone (tornado, whatever) that occurs in Windy Valley, but the level is completely different everything has a Dusty Hilly look (Flashback?) and there are clear skies! In the final Windy Valley everything has a grass and stone look (like the Tails pic) and when you get to the twister which is gray the sky turns dark as night. Also the final background to Windy Valley has a look that could match the beta tornado pic. I'm almost certain it's Windy Valley since there is also a fan in the top corner of the pic that's in the final level. Look in the attachments!"

Here are the attachments:

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