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Sonic +? To be honest, this is just a page to put all the Secret-Sonic information that doesn't belong in a specific section!

Case 01: Flying Battery Zone

This screenshot is from Sonic and Knuckles Collection (PC CD-ROM). According to Tails, this is what happened:

"from s&K collection... flying battery originally had a different icon"

"I used the S&K Collection editor to create a sonic 3 savegame at flying battery and this is what i got, oh yeah i can also choose knux =)"

Well, the picture does have some relevance to the zone and in my own opinion, I think it looks better than the other Flying Battery Zone level icon. What do you think? Sinister conspiracy theories abound!

This picture, kindly donated by E-103Gamma, is from the December 1996 issue of the Australian magazine Hyper. Nothing was mentioned of this picture in later issues, so where the heck is it from?

Well, here's a light bulb on the situation. ^Luck^ E-mailed me with this.
"In your Sonic+ area I did a bit of research and I found out a little something. In case 03 the Sonic 3d Beta, it is actually an artists rendition of the special stage. It isn't taken from the game. Often when they make a product they get artists to exaggerate it or jazz it up to make it look better. That pic was released by Sega as part of the promotion/advertising."

Could SEGA have also deleted some special stages in Sonic 3 and Knuckles? ... According to this message from Seph Hexen thats a very likely possibility

If you go into the level select of S3K,change the sound test to 0F,select the Special 
Stage 2,and hold "A" and press start. What's this? Beat it, and there is a YELLOW EMERALD!!!
My theory- There were originally 7 emeralds, the same, but there was supposed to be a bonus special stage after you got all 7 super emeralds that you could jump on the Master Emerald and be warped to a super-hard Special Stage!! It would give you the green emerald.

Case 02: Sonic 3D Beta

Sent to me by Jonathan, these two pictures above show just how mad the development process for Sonic 3D was. Enjoy the alternative 'Zone Intro' screen, alternative 'Lives Icon' and the poorly drawn 'Flicky Icons'.


Here's an interesting picture sent it by B.J. Charles / SegaSonic Maniac

I have found an interesting snapshot of Spring Stadium Zone from the Sonic 3D Blast (Saturn) cover. It must be a beta screenshot, because if you notice, the floors are different than the final. I hope that you add this to your secrets site soon.

As if that weren't enough here are even more weird differences

View Picture (274kb)

Above is a picture of an article scanned in from the June 1996 issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly. Looking closely, you may pick up some things that didn't quite make it into the final. Will Sonic 3D ever have as many lost things as Sonic 2? We'll find out eventually, but in the mean time, let's all thank E-103Gamma for sharing this picture with us.

Also, he has sent in this picture below (lower left). The same Sonic 3D Beta picture, but rotated and placed on an official advertisement!


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