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The Ice Cap Zone - My other site... The BEST place to go for Movies, Videos, ROMs and MP3s.

Perfect Chaos - One of the most packed Sonic sites out there. There's a daily updated news page, help on Sonic and Chao Adventure, movies, downloads, cartoons and more!

Sonic II Hacking Guide - Want to hack some Sonic ROMs, eh? This site will show you everything you need to know and more!

Sonic Stuff Research Group - The Best Sonic Secrets and Hacking Collection Ever.. You MUST go here!

The Dream Avenue - This site was the one that started it all. if not for the efforts of Solly the world may never have known of all the awesome Sonic Audio CDs. Any Sonic or NiGHTS fan is sure to love her work!

Simon Wai's Sonic 2 Beta Page - Simon Wai is the one who originally found the working ROM of Sonic 2 Beta on a European server and to date his site is still the best source of info on Sonic 2 Beta!

SegaWeb - An informative news site that has a lot of information updated daily it was among the first to display screenshots of Sonic Adventure and continues to keep Sega fans up to date on all Sega things related. also one of the first to have the Sonic Adventure cheats. Best darned news site on the net for the Sega lover.

SegaNet -
Another great news site they are comparable to segaweb in every respect.. while segaweb provided us with the character movies from sonic adventure these guys put up the original in game recordings of the music from the levels.. I encourage all the news fanatics to give these guys a serious look too. they are always full of new information and have enough to keep even the most hardcore fans coming back for more!!! -A good humorous Sonic site go here for stuff not found on many other sites.. also some cool Sonic R Hacking info..

The Sonic Hacking Community - Run by our very own Damien grove this is the best hacking site yet. you must look at this if your into hacking.. its filled with tons of great info.