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Secman is the creator of the title graphic for my site!
Secrets of Sonic the Hedgehog - The Original

Well, there is enough Sonic CD content for me to make a separate page for it all, so I made a separate page for it all.

Sonic CD

Case 01: Cover

Sent  by Andy, this picture shows many Sega CD (the name of the Mega CD in the USA) games. Looking at the picture carefully, it becomes blatantly obvious that the Sonic CD cover shown isn't the final one.

Case 02: Title Screen

Above is a picture of the Sonic CD title screen, sent  by ^Luck^. Wait a minute! That isn't the the final Sonic CD title screen. The most obvious difference is the name 'CD Sonic', but there are still quite a few more differences.

Case 3 : Wierd Enemy

This picture of Sonic CD beta at first glance doesn't seem too different but if you look closely you'll notice it has a few very interesting differences.  The first and most obvious difference you'll notice is the strange claws on Robitnik's machine instead of bumpers. Also the strange stars in are nowhere to be seen in the final. It all kind of makes you wonder what other little cosmetic changes SEGA put in before they released the final.

Case 4 : Sonic 2 Levels in Sonic CD

John Parker wrote this little tidbit about sonic CD..

I have noticed something about Sonic CD in that it may contain two missing levels of Sonic 2. Firstly Dust Hill Zone background could have been developed & used in Wacky Workbench Past as it has similar rock formation because if you think about it it is a bit weird building a Factory in a Desert type area. Secondly Genocide City if you look at Quartz Quadrant Bad Future you have a City Background out side & if you get near the top of the level you can see the sky is flashing a red color probably the Zone is ready to explode or the Death Egg is launching because if you look in the past present & good future these all have mountains in the background. Maybe a coincidence but they could have been put in this game instead as they didn't know what to put in their place.

Of course this is all just a theory but I have to say it makes a lot more sense than just dropping the levels. Kudos to John for finding this.