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Many magazines showed pictures of Sonic the Hedgehog as the game was in development. Here are some pictures which show some crazy things not in the final game!


Green Hill Zone

Wow! Green Hill Zone set at night! Notice the mountains in the background? Also, the picture on the left has a very different looking Sonic sprite (a tad skinny) and the other picture features a sign which clearly says "Welcome" at the top.


Marble Zone

Starlight Zone

This is Marble Zone alright but just what are those circular objects in the background (UFOs?) and isn't that enemy on the right from Spring Yard Zone? Also, notice how Sonic's rings are flying outward.



This picture of an early version of Starlight Zone looks correct, but the part of the level that it shows does not exist in the final game.


Clockwork Zone (Clock Ork Zone?)



It's obvious that this is an early version of Scrap Brain Zone (but with a name change), but Act One had a different background and the conveyor belts were never that steep. The strange thing about this screenshot is that the name doesn't make sense. Clock Ork Zone? I think they meant Clockwork Zone. Also, this part of the level in the final Sonic 1 doesn't have that background.

Sonic 1 Levels with slight differences.

Not much is known about the origins of this    zone except that the name was changed       from Sparkling  Zone to Spring Yard Zone.

This zone doesn't look much different except that those big crystals on the ceiling aren't there at the start.

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